Diversity Statement | PBS Charlotte

Diversity Statement

WTVI PBS Charlotte is committed to ensuring that its workforce and governing boards reflect the diversity found in the communities it serves. Central to WTVI’s mission, vision and values is maintaining a governing and workplace environment which recognizes and celebrates the power of diversity. WTVI strives to create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals can be successful and reach his or her full potential within the organization.

WTVI PBS Charlotte seeks a diverse workforce and governing body through distinct personalities and capabilities of each individual within the group. On a personal level, the diversity of an individual is defined by his or her cultural and personal differences, as well as life and professional experiences.

WTVI PBS Charlotte believes that diversity considerations extend beyond race and gender. The spectrum of diversity also includes disability, religious belief, age, culture, sexual orientation, physicality, education and socio- economic status.

WTVI PBS Charlotte is an equal opportunity employer and will attempt to recruit a diverse work force and explicitly forbid discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other legally protected classification.

For a copy of the 2015-2016 annual review, click here.


Outreach Activities/Events

WTVI’s Raising Readers – This past year, PBS Charlotte conducted over 90 workshops with educators and parents impacting over 39,000 children at risk of failing out of school. Raising Readers is an early literacy and family engagement program for at risk children ages 2-8 that helps families develop book-sharing routines with their child.

American Graduate Day – WTVI PBS Charlotte continues to address the on-going achievement gap through a variety of educational programming. Station-led outreach events have focused on individual student achievement, early childhood education, family engagement, emotional and social supports, parent participation, adult education, and community engagement.

PBS Kids Summer Learning – During the out-of-school-time, WTVI conducted six workshops at area libraries serving low-income families. WTVI provides them with a variety of free and educational resources to encourage young learners to continue developing and exploring over summer vacation.

PBS Kids Writers Contest – WTVI launched the annual contest, in its 17th year, for students in kindergarten through third grade who wrote and illustrated their own stories, while building literacy skills. Over 280 entries were received and 12 awards were given.

Be My Neighbor Day – In Cooperation with The Harvest Center, WTVI celebrated “Be My Neighbor Day”. Over 500 Parents and kids participated in hands-on learning Daniel Tiger activities and received goody bags filled with Back to School Supplies, as well as PBS Kids Educational Resources. Families had an opportunity to meet Daniel Tiger.

Kart Kingdom – Through the PBS Kids Kart Kingdom, WTVI hosted a live game for underprivileged kids at the Sugar Creek Library. Through a new virtual world on pbskids.org, youth were able to explore a new world based on customizing their own karts.

Jackie Robinson – PBS Charlotte deepened community engagement around Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson film as well as created an awareness of the documentary through pre-screening events, community conversations, and outreach to educators, reaching 275 individuals. WTVI also participated in the Negro League Baseball exhibition at one of the Charlotte Knights Baseball Games, with over 9,500 fans in attendance.