The Uncle Chef Show – Kid’s Cooking Program Webisodes

The Uncle Chef Show is an award-winning kids’ cooking program, which urges children to stay healthy and stay happy.
It is the ultimate goal of The Uncle Chef Show to educate through entertainment & combat the growing problem of childhood obesity.
Uncle Chef, Episode #1 (Desperately Seeking Sakakawea) Uncle Chef and friends visit the historic Lewis and Clark trail in North Dakota and travel back in time to meet Native American icon, Sakakawea. The Cooking Crew learns how to make chili.
Uncle Chef Episode #2 (Something Fishys’ Going On) Uncle Chef visits Cami Canola’s Cooking and Camping Academy, on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River.  The cadets make salad and fish.
Uncle Chef Episode #3 (Where Canola Comes From) Uncle Chef and Cami Canola tour the brilliant, yellow Canola fields of North Dakota.  Our hands-on Cooking Crew helps Uncle Chef assemble egg rolls and make dog treats.