Celebrating North America’s Steam Railways

Celebrating North America’s Steam Railways

Jun 3, 2014

Watch Tuesday, June 10th at 7pm!

This program explorers the impact that the steam engine had in building our world. We will visit seventeen of North America’s most historic and scenic tourist steam railroads.

From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the vast high desert of Arizona, the rolling hills of New Hampshire to the Black Hills of South Dakota and through the prairies and mountains of Canada. We also visit Steamtown National Historic Site and get a first hand lesson on how a steam engine works and why millions of people each year are drawn to seek them out and ride them.

It is a journey steeped in the history of a great land where steam trains provided raw power to blaze new trails and build the United States and Canada.  This program also chronicles the efforts to preserve and restore the relics of the era of steam.  The payoff is that a part of our past continues as living history and comes alive for viewers and passengers of this epic steam journey.

Members that pledge will get an extra 30 minutes of bonus footage along with a segment on how the train wreck in the blockbuster movie the fugitive was done.