The Bones of
The Badger Hole

The Bones of <br />The Badger Hole

Aug 18, 2014

The Bones of The Badger Hole,
A Time Team America Presentation

Watch Wednesday, August 20th at 9pm!

At Badger Hole, Oklahoma, the Time Team America crew excavates what may be the largest Folsom-period bison kill site in North America. Long extinct, Bison Antiquus roamed the plains 10,000 years ago. How were Paleoindian hunters able to kill so many of these massive bison — weighing 1500 pounds each — without the help of bows and arrows or even horses? The lives of these ancient ancestors seem elusive, but by investigating bison bones, arrowheads and more, the Team discovers clues about their habitat, hunting range, and their ingenuity that will help us understand them. Click here for more information.