Al Capone:

Al Capone: <br />Icon

Jul 23, 2014

Watch Wednesday, July 23rd at 8pm! Al Capone — the quintessential self-made American man, ruthless killer or both? Just his name sparks images of pin-stripe suits and bloody violence. To this day, Americans are fascinated by this celebrity gangster. The question is why?

Who Killed
Jimmy Hoffa?

Who Killed <br />Jimmy Hoffa?

Jul 23, 2014

History Detectives Special Investigations “Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?” Watch Wednesday, July 23rd at 9pm! In one of history’s most fascinating unsolved mysteries, former Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa went missing on July 30, 1975, never to be found. Hoffa, a hero to many working Americans, played a major role in the growth and development of the […]

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark

Jul 20, 2014

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery Watch Sunday, July 20th (part 1) and July 27th (part 2) at 4pm Sent by President Thomas Jefferson to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the most important expedition in American history — a voyage of danger and discovery from […]

Season 3

Sherlock, <br />Season 3

Jul 12, 2014

Masterpiece Mystery! “Sherlock, Season 3: The Empty Hearse” Watch Saturday, July 12th at 8pm! Benedict Cumberbatch (The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, “The Office UK”) return as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in three new episodes of the contemporary reinvention of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, written and created […]

Nature “Saving Otter 501″

Nature “Saving Otter 501″

Jul 10, 2014

Watch Thursday, July 10th at 8pm! This is the story of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 501st attempt to save a stranded orphan otter. From her discovery as a newborn pup crying on the beach, through her rehabilitation in secret roof tanks atop the Monterey Bay Aquarium, follow Otter 501 as she learns how to survive […]

History Detectives
Special Investigations

History Detectives <br />Special Investigations

Jul 3, 2014

Watch Wednesdays beginning July 2nd at 9pm! The HISTORY DETECTIVES SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS team brings cutting edge tools to some of our biggest historical mysteries. Each new hour-long episode asks probing questions behind a single iconic mystery from America’s past. Three investigators team up to solve each case: Wes Cowan, an independent appraiser and auctioneer; Kaiama […]