American Graduate

Classroom Resources for Students and Teachers

American Graduate:  Let’s Make it Happen

As part of American Graduate’s ongoing efforts to reach educators, parents, and students with resources and materials to keep students on the path to graduation, WNET launched the American Graduate Classroom Resources site earlier this summer. The site is a collection of some of the Web’s best content for students in the middle grades, mining public media’s vast archive of high quality, standards based interactive content for the classroom.

The Classroom Resources site showcases over 800 interactive educational resources covering a full spectrum of subject areas: Arts, Careers, ESL, Health & Sports, Language Arts, Math, Media Production, Science & Engineering, and Social Studies. The resources span all types of interactivity, from quizzes, to games, to simulations, to interactive maps and timelines. Visitors to the site have access to hundreds of resources that will spark students’ imagination and interest.  Click here to access the national site.

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