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Vietnam in the Carolinas

November 7, 2018
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Friday, Nov. 9th at 8:00 p.m.

The fighting in Vietnam was real and personal, especially for those who were drafted or volunteered to serve. It seemed like everybody in the Carolinas knew someone in the war.

Vietnam in the Carolinas takes a look back at this history-changing war and how it impacted people across our region.

Clebe McClary and Ralph Johnson were Marines from South Carolina who fought together on the same hill in Vietnam. One came home and one didn’t Hear their stories, read their letters and meet the families who suffered with them.

Quincy Collins, who was a prisoner of war (POW), talks about how POWs were used for enemy propaganda and shares how his life was affected by the voices of protestors back home.

Vietnam was a war we couldn’t ignore because images were broadcast nightly on our televisions. Haney Howell was a young reporter at the time and remembers what it was like to see soldiers die in combat.

Vietnam in the Carolinas also pays tribute to soldiers who never made it home like Richard Bryan Lineberry whose name is the last one listed on the Mecklenburg County Vietnam Memorial.

We’ll also visit a coffee shop in Mooresville where veterans gather weekly to share memories of Vietnam and Dr. Dan Morrill, a local historian, provides perspective on what the Vietnam-era was like in Charlotte.

For more stories from Carolinians who served in Vietnam, please visit Local Stories of Service. ______________________________________________________________________

You can purchase a copy of Vietnam In The Carolinas for $20 by contacting our Membership Department at 704-330-5929 or email