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Some of our most common questions are answered below, if you don’t see the answer to your question here please feel free to contact us by filling out the Viewer Assistance Form.
Q. I am suddenly having trouble receiving PBS Charlotte / WTVI

A. Please perform a channel re-scan/auto-tune your TV. Sometimes moving the antenna even in the slightest, will affect how your TV receives the signal. This solves the issue about 90% of the time. Every manufacturer calls it differently so it may have a different wording.

Q. Where is your transmitter so I can point my antenna in its direction?

A. Our Antenna is located close to Harrisburg. You can use the map below as a reference. You can also go to and enter your address, and it will provide a map of all the area transmitters in relation to your address

Q. I am having audio issues

A. This is mostly likely due to your TV/cable box switching to a secondary audio program (SAP). In most cases, on your remote, if you hit the audio or SAP button (again varies with manufacturer), it will switch it to the main audio. You may need to press the button once or twice.

Q. I am cutting the cord and need help in selecting an antenna.

A. We can’t endorse one brand, but here are some helpful antenna guides online for your reference.

  1. Consumer Reports – Is Now the Time to Get a TV Antenna
  2. Consumer Research – How to Buy an Antenna
  3. Media Shift – Tips to Getting the Best Antenna Reception

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