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Carolina Impact Season 10

May 30, 2023

Carolina Impact: May 30, 2023

Printing 3D Habitat Homes, Medical AI, using AI in our communities, & Chat GPT.

Printing 3D Homes With Artificial Intelligence

How 3-D printers using AI create affordable housing - faster, cheaper, and maybe better.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping In The Medical Field

Atrium Health in Charlotte is developing AI technology to improve hernia surgery outcomes.

UNCC Students Using Artificial Intelligence In Our Community

AI can be used to improve the lives of people in Charlotte, but what are the consequences?

How ChatGPT Is Changing The Face of Academics

ChatGPT can answer questions & write papers, all with a few simple commands.

May 23, 2023

Carolina Impact: May 23, 2023

The letters of Lucy Caldwell, for wounded Marines who couldn't write home for themselves.

May 16, 2023

Carolina Impact: May 16, 2023

North Wilkesboro Speedway, spray paint art, Mecklenburg Senior Games, and mixed media art.

Racing Returns to North Wilkesboro | Carolina Impact

North Wilkesboro Speedway makes history again. NASCAR is back at NC's original racetrack.

Teaching Spray Paint Art | Carolina Impact

Meet a local artist teaching the finer points of using spray paint for creating art.

Mixed Media Artist Chris Georgalas | Carolina Impact

A mixed media artist who uses different materials and found objects to create his artwork.

Mecklenburg County Senior Games | Carolina Impact

The Mecklenburg County Senior games are proving that age is just a number.

May 9, 2023

Carolina Impact: May 9, 2023

PBS Clt and NewsHour on Medicaid, Carolina Farm Trust, Upcycle Arts, & the Great Wagon Rd.

NC Medicaid: 'We Feel Silenced'

In NC, more Medicaid. But not for everyone. Team coverage from PBS Charlotte and NewsHour.

Carolina Farm Trust

Carolina Farm Trust works to help local farmers and keep local produce in the region

Wagon Roads

Discover the origins of roads and their link to Native Americans.

Upcycle Arts

Upcycle Arts' is Charlotte's first creative reuse center selling donated items and art sup

April 25, 2023

Carolina Impact: April 25, 2023

Charlotte's brewery business, Profound Gentlemen, Landsford Canal, & artist Benny Reeder.

Rowan's Carolina Malt House

Why so many great craft beers start with Carolina malt and barley from Rowan County.

The Profound Gentleman

Charlotte based Profound Gentlemen works to keep male educators of color in the classroom.

The History of The Landsford Canal

Discover the why behind the construction of Landsford Canal along the Catawba River.

Benny's Backyard Welding & Yard Art

We visit with self-taught welder & artist Benny Reeder of Benny's Yard Art in Huntersville

April 18, 2023

Carolina Impact: April 18, 2023

Lucy's Boys, Part 3, T.R. Lawing Realty, the charm of Lake Lure, & keeping the bees alive.

Lucy's Boys, Part 3

Marine veterans remember the Vietnam volunteer who touched their lives with her letters.

T R Lawing Real Estate

Family owned rental business T.R. Lawing Realty - now entering its fourth generation.

The Charm of Lake Lure

Discover the charm of Lake Lure with a visit to the Lake Lure Inn and tour of the lake.

Saving Ballantyne's Bees

Robert Suydam & Northwood Office are working together to increase the bee population.

April 11, 2023

Carolina Impact: April 11, 2023

Remembering Dale Halton, FIA: Females in Action, Belmont Trolleys, & Jr. League Diversity.

Remembering Dale Halton

PBS Charlotte remembers Dale Halton, and her legacy of loving leadership.

Junior League Diversity

Since 1926, the Junior League has provided volunteers and services to the community.

Belmont Trolley

A group aims to return trolley service to Belmont with help from UNC-Charlotte Engineering

FIA: Females In Action

The story of FIA - Females in Action, the sister group to male counterpart F3

April 4, 2023

Carolina Impact: April 4, 2023

Nature schools, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Queen City Cocoa B.E.A.N.S, & the F3 Nation.

The Anne Springs Close Greenway Preschool

Visit a unique preschool in Fort Mill where all the classrooms are outdoors, rain or shine

CMS at the Symphony

12,000 CMS 5th graders see the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, many for the first time.

Breastfeeding African American Babies

Fewer black infants are ever breast fed compared to Asian, white or Hispanic infants.

F3 Fitness Nation

The story of F3 Nation. Fitness, Fellowship & Faith.

March 28, 2023

Carolina Impact: March 28, 2023

The rising cost of eggs, Discovery Place's new exhibit, Emerald Village, & Peter Devries.

Expensive Eggs

Eggs are expensive. So is raising your own chickens. We visit a farm to find out why.

The Bias Inside Us

A look at Discovery Place Science's new exhibit, The Bias Inside Us

Emerald Village

Take a trip to Emerald Village to mine for gems and explore the Bon Ami Mine.

Peter DeVries: Portrait of a Concert Violinist

Peter De Vries is a renowned violinist, known for his virtuosic performances and rich, exp

March 21, 2023

Carolina Impact: March 21, 2023

The Housing Impact Fund, Second Ward High School, MIGN Orthopedics, & Lando, SC

Affordable Housing: Apartment Renovations

We meet the Housing Impact Fund.

Second Ward High School

The 100-year anniversary, and future, of Charlotte's all-Black Second Ward High School.

MIGN Orthotic Braces

A Charlotte medical suppy company is changing peoples lives, one brace at a time

Manetta Mills History Center

The Lando Manetta Mills History Center recreates life in the old mill village of Lando, SC

March 14, 2023

Carolina Impact: March 14, 2023

Carolina Panthers facility, EE Ward Moving & Storage, Quilts of Valor, Carolina Creamery

Goodbye, Panthers: What's next for Rock Hill?

Before it's torn down - the first, last, and only tour of the Panthers HQ in Rock Hill.

Oldest Black-Owned American Company

The nations oldest, continuously run, black owned business, EE Ward Moving and Storage

Quilts of Valor

A profile about The Old Glory Quilters out of Rock Hill.

Hanks Carolina Creamery

Meet the former school teacher who left his 30 year career to make ice cream.

February 21, 2023

Carolina Impact: February 21, 2023

Charlotte for Ukraine, Miracle on the Hudson update, Pet Picasso, Grandfather Mountain

Charlotte for Ukraine: 1 year anniversary

Local Ukrainians are organizing to help Ukrainian refugee families coming to Charlotte.

Miracle on the Hudson: Charlotte Remembers

CLT's new Sullenberger Aviation Museum honors 'Sully' and the plane that saved 155 lives.

Natalie Vail, Pet Picasso

Meet a young artist who combined a love of animals and art into a successful career

Grandfather Mountain

Explore Grandfather Mountain's history as a classic North Carolina tourist destination.

February 14, 2023

Carolina Impact: February 14, 2023

The 'New' Eastland, Theatre Charlotte, Gordon James, and Basketball Siblings

The 'New' Eastland

What used to be Eastland Mall will soon be Eastland Yards. Remaking Charlotte's east side.

Theatre Charlotte Returns

Theatre Charlotte returns to their home stage after a fire.

Illustrator Gordan James

Gordon C. James-fine art artist and award winning children's book illustrator

Basketball Siblings

The Thomas family at Charlotte Catholic High School, including 6'5" junior Blanca Thomas

January 31, 2023

Carolina Impact: January 31, 2023

Letters from Vietnam, Real African Art Gallery, Fashion Re-Imagined, Tweetsie R.R.

Letters from Vietnam: Lucy's Boys Part 2

'My heart aches with yours.' Wounded Marines remember 'Lucy's letters' from Vietnam.

Real African Art Gallery

Cal Ganda, from Zimbabwe, uses this gallery to help support artists from his country

Fashion Re-Imagined at the MINT Museum

A sneak peak at The Mint Museum's latest exhibition: Fashion Re-imagined.

Tweetsie Railroad

Experience a wild west adventure while riding the Tweetsie Railroad near Blowing Rock.

January 24, 2023

Carolina Impact: January 24, 2023

Connecting CLT job seekers on social media, BD's Cycles, Kathy Reichs, Land of Oz

Worker Shortage and Social Media

Can TikTok help Charlotte's worker shortage? Connecting with job seekers on social media.

Kathy Reichs

Charlottean Anthropologist and best selling author Kathy Reichs

BD's Cycles

Behind the scenes with a custom motorcycle paint artist at BD's Cycles.

Autumn at Oz

Stroll down the yellow brick road and all your favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz

January 17, 2023

Carolina Impact: January 17, 2023

Raleigh vs Charlotte: Rapid Bus Transit, Ending Digital Divide, Dyme Boxing, Archive CLT

Is Light Rail the Right Rail? Charlotte vs Raleigh

Charlotte's plan: More tax for more tracks. Raleigh's plan: Bus Rapid Transit

Eliminate the Digital Divide

Eliminate the Digital Divide, refurbishing old laptops for underserved families

Dyme Boxing Jr.

Dyme Boxing jr. is an amateur boxing program started by Dyme Boxing and Fitness

Archive Charlotte

Black owned coffee shop/book nook and community gathering place for history and nostalgia

January 10, 2023

Carolina Impact: January 10, 2023

5 new CMS school board member, Round-Abouts, Charlotte Art League, Morrow Mtn State Park

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: Change

Five new CMS school board members mean change is coming to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.


N.C. is one of the first states to use roundabouts. We look in to the roundabouts

Charlotte Art League

A look at the Charlotte Art League. Who they are and what they do for the community arts

Morrow Mountain State Park

A look at the history of Morrow Mountain State Park

November 15, 2022

Carolina Impact: The High Cost of Higher Education

College tuition in North Carolina, Lancaster Career Center

$500 Tuition: The 'NC Promise'

College tuition in North Carolina that costs hundreds a semester instead of thousands.

Lancaster Career Center

Lancaster County Career Center is preparing the next generation of students

Debt Free College

Local private colleges are trying to make the cost of attending college more affordable

Middle College

A program that allows high schoolers to attend college classes as they earn the diploma

November 8, 2022

Carolina Impact: November 8, 2022

Lucy's Boys, CPCC Ophthalmic program, Ashe County Cheese, Pickleball, NC State Parks

Lucy's Boys

She's the Vietnam volunteer who wrote 'last letters' home for wounded Marines.

North Carolina State Parks

A look at North Carolina State Parks near Charlotte and the activities offered.

Central Piedmont Ophthalmic Program

A look at CPCC's Opthalmology eye clinic - what students learn from the program.

Ashe County Cheese

A look behind the scenes at Ashe County Cheese


We visit Pickleball Charlotte to lean all about the fastest growing sport in America

November 1, 2022

Carolina Impact: November 1, 2022

Metrolina Greenhouses, Irish Dancing, Jack Lawrence, Precious Restorations

Flower Power

Inside America's largest greenhouse -- fifty years of 'Flower Power' in Huntersville.

Irish Dancing

The Walsh Kelley school of Irish Dancing and a nine-year old dancing champion

Jack Lawrence

Meet guitarist Jack Lawrence, who spent decades onstage with musical legend Doc Watson.

Precious Restorations

See how a local business restores cherished heirlooms and works of art.

October 25, 2022

Carolina Impact: October 25, 2022

Mill Makeovers 'Living History', Troutman Chair Co., Hemp Business, Civil Rights Museum

Mill Makeovers - 'Living' History'

Creating new apartments in Charlotte's old cotton mills. But is it 'affordable' housing?

Troutman Chair Company

A look at Troutman Chair Co., a local business that's been around for nearly 100 years.

Hemp Business

A look at Blackberry Hill Farm in Huntersville where they grow flowers and hemp

Civil Rights Museum

A visit to the Cecil Williams South Carolina Civil Rights Museum

October 18, 2022

Carolina Impact: October 18, 2022

Mill Makeovers - Optimist Hall, Cheerwine, Genius Kid, Uptown Museums, Billie Briarhopper

Mill Makeovers: Optimist Hall

A 'Mill Makeover' brings jobs and new small businesses to an old Charlotte neighborhood.

Remembering 'Billie Briarhopper'

The last interview with Billie Burton Daniel, legendary singer with 'The Briarhoppers'.

Uptown Museum Collaboration

Uptown Museum Collaboration

Genius Kid 10th Anniversary Follow up

An update on "Genius kid" Tommy Johnston of Matthews.


The story behind Cheerwine

October 11, 2022

Carolina Impact: October 11, 2022

Seniors and rising prices, Haitian food truck, Washington Heights, & Cakeable Charlotte

Senior Inflation

Charlotte seniors fighting higher prices, and protecting their retirement nest egg.

Charlotte Cooks Contest Winner Dominic Hawkes

Meet Dominic Hawkes, the Carolina Classic Cook-Off Winner

Washington Heights

The past and future of the traditionally black neighborhood of Washington Heights

Mother-Daughter Food Truck

A look at a unique mother-daughter owned food truck, serving Haitian cuisine.

Cupcake Bakery for Disabled Workers

Cakeable Charlotte offers employment to people with developmental disabilities

October 2, 2022

Carolina Impact: October 2, 2022

Nursing shortages, Wilkesboro Speedway revival, Lisa Leake, Mount Olive Pickles

Nursing Shortage

A look at how health care providers are dealing with the shortage of Registered Nurses

Racetrack Revival

Racing returns to North Wilkesboro. The history and future of NC's original NASCAR track.

Lisa Leake: Mom, Best-selling author

How Union County mom Lisa Leake went from blogger to New York Times best sellers list

Mount Olive Pickles

A look in to Mount Olive Pickles and their history

September 27, 2022

Carolina Impact: September 27, 2022

NC beach restoration, a classic NC brand, a local motorcycle Museum, & World Hunger drive.

Beach Erosion

Why some Carolina beaches are better prepared than others for the next big hurricane

World Hunger: Hands for Haiti

St. Matthew Catholic Church in Ballantyne holds its 20th annual World Hunger Drive.

Hanes Moravian Cookies

Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies is a family owned company making moravian cookies here in NC.

Wheels Through Time

Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley is a museum featuring rare and vintage motorcycles.

September 13, 2022

Carolina Impact: Seeking Unity - Building Bridges

Seeking Unity:Building Bridges brings panelists together to find ways to unite people.


Grantchester Season 8 Official Preview

Exploring faith and redemption, Season 8 of Grantchester tests Will and Geordie.

Inspector Lewis


See a preview of the series finale of Inspector Lewis, available on Passport.


Season 9 Teaser

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam star in the final season of Endeavour on MASTERPIECE.

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