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Carolina Impact: Season 8

September 15, 2020

Carolina Impact: Searching For Home

Stories of people from different life paths searching for home and what that means to them

Immigrants trying to live the American dream

Dr. Farhad Javidi, a program director and professor at Central Piedmont Community College, immigrated from Iran to the United States after being kidnapped and tortured during the Iranian Revolution of the 1970s.

Aging out of Foster Care

An inconvenient fact about foster care is that children age out overnight when they turn 18. With little resources or help it can be hard for them to get on their feet. That's what Jordan is dealing with now.

Refugees finding home in Charlotte

Mediatrice Uwimana was born in Congo and remembers vividly the danger and fear she felt living there during a war. She eventually escaped the violence and came to America as a refugee now living in Charlotte.

Homeless veteran tells his story

Struggling with PTSD and depression, Army veteran Chris Adams has been in and out of homelessness over the past several years.

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