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WTVI PBS Charlotte has served citizens in the Carolinas for fifty years. On August 27, 1965, WTVI began broadcasting “Your Stories” about “Your Community” on “Your PBS Charlotte”.

PBS Charlotte is licensed by Central Piedmont Community College and offers high quality, noncommercial, educational programs. PBS broadcasts include award-winning children’s programming, ground-breaking documentaries and original performances.

PBS Charlotte features locally produced programs that tell “Your Stories” about “Your Community”. Check out the link to Carolina Impact on our website.

“Your PBS Charlotte” station reaches over 1.1 million households across 13 counties in the central Piedmont region. PBS Charlotte actively supports local education, highlights local cultural events and promotes citizenship across all electronic media platforms to serve the public interest and further the mission of its parent institution, Central Piedmont Community College.

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PBS Charlotte makes information available of open meetings of the licensee of WTVI–the governing Board of Trustees of the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)–to interested members of the public. To see CPCC Board of Trustees members and 2019 meeting dates please visit: Board of Trustees — Central Piedmont Community College.

The meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be in compliance with North Carolina General Statue 143-Article 33C Meetings of Public Bodies. A closed session is permitted as specified by General Statute 143-318.11 and may be held in any meeting upon a majority vote of the members present.

Such minutes and accounts shall be Public Records within the meaning of the Public Records Law, G.S. 132-1 et seq.; provided, however, that minutes or an account of a closed session conducted in compliance with G.S. 143-318.11 may be withheld from public inspection so long as public inspection would frustrate the purpose of a closed session.

WTVI PBS Charlotte Community Advisory Council Members

Mary Lou Babb
Robin Branstrom
Robin Cochran
Wilton Connor
Liz Downing
Ed Driggs
Hilda Gurdian
Dale Halton
Jane Liles
Elaine Lyerly
Stephen Martin
Donna de Molina
Patricia “Patty” Norman
Jonathan Pullin
James “Jim” Rogers
Sally Saussy
Susan Scherer
William “Bill” Walker, Jr.