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How to Watch / Viewer Assistance

How to Watch PBS Charlotte

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I am suddenly having trouble receiving PBS Charlotte / WTVI

A. Please perform a channel re-scan/auto-tune your TV. Sometimes moving the antenna even in the slightest, will affect how your TV receives the signal. This solves the issue about 90% of the time. Every manufacturer refers to it differently so it may have a different wording.

Q. Where is your transmitter so I can point my antenna in its direction?

A. Our Antenna is located close to Harrisburg. You can also go to and enter your address, and it will provide a map of all the area transmitters in relation to your address

Q. I am having audio issues

A. This is mostly likely due to your TV/cable box switching to a secondary audio program (SAP). In most cases, on your remote, if you hit the audio or SAP button ( varies with manufacturer), it will switch it to the main audio. You may need to press the button once or twice.

Q. I am cutting the cord and need help in selecting an antenna.

A. We can’t endorse one brand, but here are some helpful antenna guides online for your reference.
1. Consumer Reports - Is Now the Time to Get a TV Antenna
2. Consumer Research - How to Buy an Antenna
3. Media Shift - Tips to Getting the Best Antenna Reception

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