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Join PBS Charlotte's Education & Outreach Coordinator Sarah Woldum each week for Story Stars Story Time with Sarah! New episodes appear on our YouTube channel every Thursday at 9 AM, subscribe to make sure you don't miss any!

A new venture that PBS Charlotte is bringing to area schools is called Story Stars. Story Stars is a literacy program that invites children to stand in the spotlight and tell the greatest story ever written: their own. All stories are filled with sorrows, joys, twists, and turns, and Story Stars empowers children to confidently live and advance their own narratives. The Story Stars program has given away 250 book bags at Salvation Army, University Meadows, and Hidden Valley Elementary. We are so excited to implement this important program in the hopes of impacting children all over Charlotte.


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In an effort to assist with the upward mobility crisis, PBS Charlotte created a four-year community engagement campaign beginning in the fall of 2017.

This three-part project uses media to show people how to not just be dreamers, but doers with an emphasis on pathways to success and career exploration in order to broaden their horizons about what their destiny could be.

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